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"We are the proud owners of four of Dom's paintings. Having them in our house means that every day they inspire and delight us with their mastery of form, colour and texture"


"I have collected Dom's work in all of its forms for many years. Some of my friends and family find it a bit enigmatic, challenging - difficult to fathom. They are right. Others are immediately struck by the absorbing spacial dynamics - and they are right too! I have shared all of these initial reactions to Dom's work, but in equal measure and at a completely different level, I am often emotionally engaged by the depth and otherworldliness of the work too, which is always important to me and is fascinating given the often very worldly nature of the found objects and forms which provide the initial inspiration for its creation. It is this dialectic that I find so rewarding and which keeps me engaged with both the works that I own and Dom's ongoing creative journey."


'I recently ordered two of Dom Theobald's prints from his original paintings.
quality and colour of these are excellent reproductions of his work.  They arrived, beautifully packaged, within two days of ordering, and now hang in my home. 
I am delighted with them and considering a further purchase of his very reasonably priced works.'

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